Letter From Our Beneficiary

First Choice Pregnancy Center
1601 E. Basin Avenue Ste 303
Pahrump, Nevada 89060

To whom it may concern:

“First Choice Pregnancy Center of Pahrump, a life-affirming Christian ministry, exists to support families in the Nye County area by providing physical, emotional, spiritual and educational resources.” One of our biggest areas of ministry is giving free diapers and wipes to those in need regardless of race, religion, or financial situation. Some of our clients who are in the greatest need come in monthly for diaper assistance.

In years past we would have to ration the diapers that we gave out, sometimes rather severely, in an attempt to ensure we would never completely run out. In this regard, J Mar Customs has held annual Diaper Runs to benefit First Choice Pregnancy Center. Since they have started the annual run, the diaper room has been completely stocked for the entire year. We have been able to bless our clients with extra diapers without fear of running out: even of our most popular size — size 4. During their 8th Annual Diaper run alone, they gave us 5,693 diapers and 9,132 wipes. Along with the material items, J Mar Customs and Diaper Run Sponsors have given donations (in 2016) totaling $3,142. That figure helps sustain our ministry financially, keeping the doors open so that our clients can come in and receive the material goods they are in need of.

The annual Diaper Run that J Mar Customs puts on is invaluable for First Choice Pregnancy Center. We are able to serve our clients in a much greater capacity by the generous support of all that come out and donate at the Diaper Run.

First Choice Pregnancy Center


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