2017 Event Sponsors


Does your business offer a valuable service? Would you like to volunteer a couple hours of your personal time for a great cause? We’re searching for sponsors for the 9th Annual Diaper Run! We welcome those who are willing to donate prizes for the raffle drawings and volunteer for the odds-n-ends jobs associated with the event. For additional information call Deb or J.B. at J Mar Customs. (775) 751-2266. We are more than happy to put you to work!

Keep in mind that we also have a Facebook Page that we update regularly to keep everybody abreast of the latest information!!!

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Previous-Years Sponsor List

Every year that we hold this event there are people & businesses that volunteer again, and again, and again! (Thus the reason why you may see the same name in the list below.) We thank you for your valuable contributions to the community and look forward to working with you again in 2017!

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